We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with AOY Podcast to bring you the anime related entertainment you need while commuting or in your spare time. With Anime Cart, AOY Podcast will bring their listeners a wide variety of anime merch including anime figures, plushies, accessories and everything in between through special discounts, contests and sales.

We reached out to AOY Podcast team and they were thrilled to sponsor Anime Cart.

The Podcast is a group of guys who have something to say about old “skewl” animes. They may be fans of series past the year 2000, but that doesn’t mean they gotta like all of it. They also seem to discuss other things like movies, video games and other topics from time to time.

We know you will enjoy what their conversations, we really like these guys. So, join the host’s: Zeonic (Dustin), Jonn Jonnz (David), VeemonJosh (Josh) and other guests on AOY Podcast.

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